The Russian-Arab forum started in Moscow to discuss the development of cooperation in all areas: from humanitarian sphere and politics to the economy. On the first day several important meetings and discussions took place.

The International Exhibition "Arabia-Expo" is held in Moscow for the fourth time. This year 3000 participants are registered. 18 delegations from middle Eastern countries arrived in the capital. There are representatives of the government among them, but mostly, of course, are businessmen.

On the one hand- Arab companies are represented here, on the other - Russian companies. This is a unique opportunity to demonstrate investment and industrial potential to each other.

There was also a Grand opening of the 12th session of the Russian-Arab Business Council, which was attended by Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov. The Head of Foreign Office noted that Russia's energetic political dialogue with the Arab States is complemented by intense trade and economic exchanges.

Sergey Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs: "Currently, Russian companies together with Arab partners are implementing more than 400 investment and export projects worth more than $ 40 billion, about 25 billion of which are planned to be financed by Russian state loans."

The motto of this forum is "Russia - the Arab World: Time to cooperate for our future". The main problems identified by the experts are communication difficulties and lack of sufficient information about the investment climate of each country. This is a very important issue for trust establishing.

Vladimir Yevtushenkov, Chairman of the Russian-Arab Business Council, Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSFC Sistema:

"Unfortunately, when we tried to work only through the Chambers of Commerce, it was not enough. We need other parallel channels to supply information directly to business. Mostly a lot of local businesses that would like to expand their influence. And this is exactly where information is needed. "

Even 15 years ago, the middle East seemed a stranger, contacts were lost. In fact, it was necessary to build relations in recent history from scratch. This was done thanks to the efforts of RABC also.

Tatyana Gvilava, Director of the Russian-Arab Business Council: "Trade turnover amounted to 900 million dollars then, while in the Soviet Union, this indicator was calculated to billions. And when we started to create the Council, we did it slowly, as they do it in the East. We created 16 business councils between Russia and the Middle East, later their number increased to 18. These councils are very active, and today the trade turnover has already reached 22 billion".

According to experts, strengthening of trade relations is important, but the main goal is a strategic partnership, as well as the effective use of existing joint projects.

Khaled Hanafy, Secretary General of the Union of Arab Chambers:

"The Russian industrial zone in Egypt should focus not only on hundreds of millions of Egyptians, it is necessary to take into account the trade relations between Egypt and other Arab States, and that's 1,7 billion people in 22 countries. Besides that, there are European Union and Africa nearby."

The International Exhibition "Arabia-Expo" will continue its work until Wednesday. There will be sessions, round tables and B2B meetings. The primary purpose is to expand contacts between the business community. Here, the performance indicator is the number of handshakes, because behind each contract there are contacts.

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